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cho•col•o•gy   Pronunciation:  cha•kal•o•gy

Full Definition of Chocology

Chocology: is the place to go if you are a fan of chocolate and you want to learn all about chocolate OR you want to give an edible gift for that special someone or a special event. 

At Chocology, we are interested in all aspects of chocolate.  We are committed to and love the study of chocolate – extending that love and knowledge to you in a new and exciting way is our mission.  We want to make fine quality chocolate available to everyone and to allow all chocolate lovers the opportunity to experience the delights generally reserved for the connoisseur.

How Do We Do It?  Chocology Today is where you will learn all about chocolate.  Chocology Kids is a great way for kids to connect with science in a sweet way!   Chocology chocolate is the perfect gift for everyone -even corporate clients.  We pride ourselves on personalizing every chocolate experience.

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