Welcome 2016!

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Happy New Year

It’s that time of year again! As the old year passes and a new one emerges, many of us spend some time reflecting on the old and planning for the new. We look to the past to help us plan our New Year’s resolutions and determine the goals we wish to achieve.

At Chocology, this time of year gives us a chance to contemplate all that has happened in the past year. We see what worked well and what maybe didn’t go as planned, and start anew.

With diligence, we walk towards 2016 with hope and gratitude for those we have met and for those we have yet to meet. We look to evaluate where we can serve through education and giving back to the community. We determine how we might up the bar when it comes to helping the community and improving our products.

One resolution never changes at Chocology though – to keep our focus on gratitude and service every single year. We are grateful for all that we’ve accomplished in 2015 and are excited for what is to come in 2016. We value our customers and are so delighted to have you on this chocolate journey with us.

Although we have several New Year’s resolutions, rest assured we will remain diligent in our efforts to bring quality chocolate each and every day and show up with a grateful heart always. The heart of Chocology has been and always will be focused on giving, plain and simple. This mission not only helps us grow our business but we believe it also builds a better world, one chocolate at a time.

So, we bless your past and celebrate YOUR future and look forward to the year to come. Thank you for being a part of the Chocology family in 2015. We look forward to a rewarding, fun, prosperous and chocolaty 2016 and wish you all the blessings you desire.

Happy New Year!





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