Day 11-Glastonbury back to Oxford

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screen-shot-2014-04-27-at-11-36-53-am Glastonbury back to Oxford It was really difficult to say our farewells so we decided to stay an extra day even though it meant us having to take another trip back to Oxford to have lunch with more friends and visit the Oxford Covered Market where it all began (this time with the kids!).  It was so fun to hear the kids laughing and joking in the back seat, especially when we played 20 questions. They made me laugh so hard. The English country side was so very beautiful and we loved seeing all of the cows and sheep grazing in the grass. The trip today took a total of 5-hours and once again we are all tired.  Tonight as I packed up it was interesting, I was thinking; I have two feelings… I felt both rested and exhausted at the same time. Life is good! Happy travels, Linda and Madeline

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Day 10 -Glastonbury to Oxford

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  Screen Shot 2014-04-27 at 11.26.28 AMphoto-4 Glastonbury to Oxford Today Madeline stayed behind with Joe and the chaps and Michelle and I took the 2-hour journey to Oxford to pick up Chocology supplies that have been in storage.  I was grateful we decided to go on our own when we got there and found 17 boxes!  Oh my goodness, I couldn’t wait for us to get home and go through them.  I felt like a kid at Christmas! It was also great for Michelle and I to have 4-hours alone in the car—I believe we may have solved many of the world's problems, well at least our own problems. And it’s not every day that I have an opportunity to drive by Stonehenge! Long day and we are ALL tired. Happy Travels, Linda and Madeline

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