Day 11-Glastonbury back to Oxford

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screen-shot-2014-04-27-at-11-36-53-am Glastonbury back to Oxford It was really difficult to say our farewells so we decided to stay an extra day even though it meant us having to take another trip back to Oxford to have lunch with more friends and visit the Oxford Covered Market where it all began (this time with the kids!).  It was so fun to hear the kids laughing and joking in the back seat, especially when we played 20 questions. They made me laugh so hard. The English country side was so very beautiful and we loved seeing all of the cows and sheep grazing in the grass. The trip today took a total of 5-hours and once again we are all tired.  Tonight as I packed up it was interesting, I was thinking; I have two feelings… I felt both rested and exhausted at the same time. Life is good! Happy travels, Linda and Madeline

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Day 10 -Glastonbury to Oxford

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  Screen Shot 2014-04-27 at 11.26.28 AMphoto-4 Glastonbury to Oxford Today Madeline stayed behind with Joe and the chaps and Michelle and I took the 2-hour journey to Oxford to pick up Chocology supplies that have been in storage.  I was grateful we decided to go on our own when we got there and found 17 boxes!  Oh my goodness, I couldn’t wait for us to get home and go through them.  I felt like a kid at Christmas! It was also great for Michelle and I to have 4-hours alone in the car—I believe we may have solved many of the world's problems, well at least our own problems. And it’s not every day that I have an opportunity to drive by Stonehenge! Long day and we are ALL tired. Happy Travels, Linda and Madeline

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Day 9 - London to Bath to Glastonbury

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Screen Shot 2014-04-27 at 11.20.28 AM London to Bath to Glastonbury -After breakfast we took the tube to the train to meet our dear friend Michelle and her family.  We met Michelle and her family when we moved to Port Jefferson, New York 8 years ago and Madeline went to school with her boys.  Sadly (for me) in October they moved home to England to be nearer Michelle’s mum. But now it appears to be a positive as Michelle will be packaging and shipping our Chocology orders here in UK!  I love that we are all connected as coworkers AND as people.  Life is good! When I mentioned to Michelle how much we love Indian food, her husband Joe whipped together a lovely Indian meal and we all enjoyed catching up and making Chocology plans.  It felt so good to be in a home and with good friends. Me, Jonathan and Luke Madeline and the chaps stayed up playing games until midnight!  It was so cute in the morning when they all said staying up late was great fun but “it wasn’t worth it in the morning.” Happy travels, Linda and Madeline

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Day 8 London

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London Screen Shot 2014-04-27 at 11.14.28 AM -When we lived here the first thing I would do when anyone from America came over to visit was send them on the Big Bus Tour—which is exactly what I wanted for Madeline to do.  It’s a great way to get your sense of direction and at the very least get to see the sites of London.  Madeline loved spending the entire day sitting on the top of the double decker bus seeing all of London’s famous landmarks! Screen Shot 2014-04-27 at 11.53.16 AM I’d have to say Tower bridge was probably Madeline’s favorite.. and I’m confident that’s because for her 10th birthday we had a big ‘ol Lego party and the final mystery build was 18 kids building the 4,287 pieces Tower Bridge. It’s still sits proudly in my office at home. Pretty much as soon as I moved over to London I learned the best Indian food comes out of London and guess what?  Marriott Regents Park restaurant features Indian food and Chef Ali's Chicken Tika Masala was out of this world.  Oh it was good to just take a day off and enjoy a fabulous dinner at the hotel and then sleep like rocks. Happy Travels, Linda and Madeline p.s.  Madeline absolutely love, love, loves London.  She says "The people are so refined, and helpful and the city is busy and quiet at the same time".  She also loves how the people respect history.  She'd move here in a heartbeat.

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Day 7 -Our First day London

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Screen Shot 2014-04-26 at 6.27.42 AM Our First day in London -First thing this morning I met with our web designer, Denise.  I’m so happy she’s going to stay on and work with us as well as take on the responsibility of the Chocology Unlimited site.  She’s so positive; she didn’t even flinch when I asked her to be sure the website looks good not only on a desktop but on the iPads and Smartphones as well… After a lovely breakfast, we were frustrated because we STILL couldn’t get Madeline’s wifi working.  The hotel staff as well as their tech department couldn’t get it working and then Madeline said “Ethernet Cable!” and all was well with the world.  Just a short taxi ride over to St John's Wood High Street we picked up a British phone and sent some chocolate home to some of Madeline’s friends.  Then we went immediately over to the Apple store on Regents Street.  As always, they were just as impressive as the other Apple stores and spent an hour explaining the differences between US and UK network access. Later we enjoyed a scrumptious dinner at Fortnum & Mason and were very happy to be able to read the menu.  Back in the hotel that evening, Madeline created a business flow chart of how our Chocology orders will flow.  It was very easy to understand.  Her diagrams, illustrations and logical sequence process was spot on!  I love the way she thinks! Happy Travels, Linda and Madeline p.s. Any questions?  Drop us a line at: or email me at

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Day 6 -Brussels to London

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Screen Shot 2014-04-26 at 6.59.54 AM Brussels to London -We are business owners, this is exciting!  Our original plan for today was to travel by train  to Paris.  Madeline been aching to see the Eiffel Tower forever and she also wanted to see my old office just across the Champs Élysées and of course the delectable thought of having a French croissant. After breakfast we took a cab over to the Grand Plas, we couldn't leave Brussels without visiting the most famous chocolate shop which started it all in 1857-Neuhaus.  Jean Neuhaus a pharmacist who covered his medicines in chocolate to make them more palatable--such a simple idea followed through.  As we strolled around the village and felt as if we were walking through a history book.  So much more to learn and explore, we cannot wait to come back. After lunch we decided to bypass Paris this time around and opted to board the Eurostar for the 2-hour journey onto London—this was a great geography lesson for Madeline.  I love that in our school, learning happens all the time, and there is no division between learning and life A late afternoon arrival in London, ahh London, Home Sweet Home.  We used to live in London and it was good to get back to a country where we speak the language and could stay at our favorite London hotel, the Marriott at Regents Park.  The staff pays attention to every detail and it's location is central to everything (including our old neighborhood haunts) AND they always takes very good care of us. As soon as we checked into our room, we crashed. Ahh, it’s good to be home. Happy Travels, Linda and Madeline

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Press Release

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Chocology: What started as a dream is now a sweet adventure. Know Your Chocolate, Acknowledge Your Dreams. Yield to Chocolate, Realize Your Dreams! Oxford, England. April 9, 2014 Chocology ltd., first launched in Oxford Covered Market in 2001 and is reemerging and rebirthing its efforts to provide the most exquisite chocolates, servicing farms shops, independent chocolate shops and discriminating chocolate connoisseurs all across the UK. Linda Johnson, Owner and Managing Director of this online shop Chocology, along with her 12 year old daughter, Madeline hope to empower their customers to contemplate chocolate in a new way. Their dream of a family business, where Madeline could be a full participant, has been realized through Chocology and they want to inspire their customers to see that chocolate can assist them in reaching their dreams as well. Linda says, "I've wanted to have a family business ever since I can remember; life such as it is, the timing was never quite right. The moment I discovered Chocology, I knew it was the ideal business for our family. Madeline is passionate about chocolate, the smell, taste and the look of it and so am I! Chocology provides us an exceptional opportunity to study chocolate and bring our customers along with us for the ride. The future of Chocology encompasses endless possibilities...our dream come true." This Mother-Daughter Duo plan to launch several new products throughout the next year. Chocology products go beyond your normal run-of-the-mill chocolate. Each chocolate, a miniature work of art, is packed to order and never warehoused. Chocology chocolates are hand finished, containing 100% cocoa butter and cream combined with the highest quality natural ingredients available. Each decadent morsel is hand finished with careful artistic style. High in cocoa mass and low in sugar content, this chocolate is actually healthy. Scientific research has recently confirmed chocolate is good for your heart. Johnson states, "For the past several months we've worked very closely with former owner John Partington. We want to keep what's working-working and expand on that." Last week Johnson and Madeline spent time touring and tasting chocolate in Belgium--the chocolate capital of the world. Linda describes that experience saying, "We loved visiting our Chocology chocolate supplier and learning all about the science of how they make our chocolate so special--we even collaborated to develop a unique new product." "Chocology--the study of chocolate," says Madeline, "need I say more? It doesn't get any better than that!" As a family owned business, Chocology prides itself on its unique approach to the chocolate business, focusing on exceptional chocolate, personal customer service and superior quality. Chocology will soon be offering something special for everyone, Best gift ever--monthly themed chocolate gifts. Enhance your gift giving experience, with a 5% off coupon for your first order. The Johnson's have big lans for the future. Chocology Unlimited will be expanding to the Americas in summer 2014. For more information please contact Linda Johnson at or Follow them @    

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