Aromatic Cocoa Cigar

$ 10.90

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This iconic Venchi chocolate cigar with its characteristic smoky aroma: cocoa-filled paste with a roasted flavour covered with a double layer of chocolate.

Venchi Cacao Aromatico / Fondente-cigars have a delicious rich chocolate filling made with cacao from New Guinea, which is enrobed in dark chocolate and individually wrapped.

In spite of what you might think by looking at the label, these chocolate cigars do come from Italy… "Cuba" Chocolate Cigars are known to be of the finest quality, just like "conventional" cigars from the Caribbean island of the same name. 

Chocolate Cigars and Bourbon = perfect pairings

When combined, these two flavors create magic in a glass.  The outcome is a perfectly balanced, delectable drink that will satisfy any palate. So next time you're enjoying a chocolate cigar, remember to reach for a glass of bourbon, you won't be disappointed with the results!