Special Events for Special Kids



We Do Special Parties!

Special fun parties with chocolate or lego making activities, what’s your child’s fancy?  The multi-sensory aspect of working with chocolate or Legos make it delight for all levels of capability. We can sample and taste or make beautiful and delicious items like chocolate bars, chocolate dipped cookies, pretzels etc. or build with Legos!  

Some of the comments we heard about your builds were: Ingenious, brilliant, You rocked this one!, FANTASTIC, WOW, amazing, I love this table, I never thought of doing it that way…impressive, this is SO cool, AWESOME…

We hope we can accommodate your group here and make it a memorable day for all.  For more information on the specific requirements of your party, please contact Linda at 631.901.7151  

Classes suited for ages 6 and upwards.