Pistachio Chocolate Cigar

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The iconic Venchi cigar in a pistachio version: pistachio paste with chopped and salted hand-roasted pistachios covered with a double layer of dark chocolate 60%.   In spite of what you might think by looking at the label, these chocolate cigars do come from Italy… "Cuba" 


Pistachio cigar with a crunchy filling of white chocolate and pistachio paste with chopped pistachios, almonds and raw cane sugar. The cigar is covered with a double layer of dark chocolate 60% that balances the sweetness of the white chocolate. Chopped pistachios and almonds and raw cane sugar provide a pleasant crunch. The process of drawing chocolate cigars is carried out cold, to preserve the aroma. The cigar can be sliced and shared or eaten after a meal paired with a whisky.
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