ChocoLEGO Club

$ 15.00

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Sundays from 3:00 - 4:30pm

Come join us for a different LEGO Challenge each week.  Let your child get inspired, share their creativity and connect with other kids in these fun unplugged sessions.

The only rules are to have fun and be creative.

Will you accept our LEGO challenge?  Register Today!

We’re really excited to see your builds!

Ages 5 - 12

$15.00 per session

Starting May 22, 2022


Class Description

Each week participants will be presented with a different themed build. Learners will be shown what we’ve built and then will be challenged to build in a set time frame. Builders will plan, build and then present their creation to the class at the end of the session. Students are encouraged to be social and speak to each other and ask questions if they need help with their builds. Themes will be changing each week to challenge the builder.  This club will foster a sense of community where Learners can discuss any building challenges, how they can improve their builds for upcoming classes and allow Learners to share ideas on completing more complicated builds.    

PLEASE NOTE: This is an ongoing (weekly) class however if you want to pop in a take just 1 class at a time you are welcome to! Private parties are available as well. 

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