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Welcome from Linda Johnson - Founder of Chocology


Our award winning Fat Ass Fudge is decadent and yes, slightly comical but it also allows us to support great causes.  Our goal at Chocology is not only to offer chocolate made with the finest ingredients but to strengthen our community by "giving back".

Your purchase makes it possible ...we donate $1.00 from every fudge order to one of the non-profit organizations we support.

Sometimes All We Need is a Different Perspective

cho•col•o•gy   Pronunciation:  cha•kal•o•gy

Full Definition of Chocology

Chocology:  We are committed to and love the study of chocolate – extending that love and knowledge to you in a new and exciting way is our mission.  

Our vision is RED ~ Relationships, Education and Distinctive quality. We feel that when we keep our focus on RED, everything flows, not only for Chocology, but also for our clients and partners.

Are you a fan of fine chocolate? Chocology is here to help. Our award winning Fat Ass Fudge and our exquisite truffles make a perfect gift for yourself or that special someone. 

We also specialize in providing chocolate for large events. From couture wedding favors to corporate gift giving, Chocology makes it personal every time. And remember, Chocology is here to educate! You can always count on Chocology to provide the most updated information on all things chocolate, we might even bring along our Chocolate 3D Printer!

How Do We Do It?  Our blog, Chocology Today is where you will learn all about chocolate.  Chocology Kids is a great way for kids to connect with science and technology in a sweet way!  Our #ChocologyCares Campaign is one that we are particularly proud of and are excited to continue to support. We have raised thousands of dollars for charities, it doesn’t cost you more and makes all the difference in other people’s lives.  We pride ourselves on personalizing every chocolate experience.


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Chocology Today