Girl Scouts Classes

We are Proud to be Program Partners with the Girl Scouts of Nassau County

Chocology badge programs are approved by the Girl Scouts of America and are fun for troops and leaders of all ages! Sessions last approximately 60 minutes (depending on group size) and include friendly instruction and materials. Classes may also be led at the location of your choice. We do not provide badges, they must be purchased by troop leaders. Girls participating without their leader will receive a signed completion form.

Note: We have experience with food allergies and welcome parent calls regarding allergies.

Chocolate in a World of Technology

Girls will whip up a sweet treat while they learning about 3D Printing. 3d printing technology is transforming the world. From chocolate to airplanes 3d printing is touching numerous aspects of our lives. Using special software the girls will get hands on with this amazing futuristic technology, unleash their imagination and creativity. The future belongs to those who can think in 3d. What Chocolate Would You Print?

"Think Like an Engineer": Chocolate-Building Event

Chocology raises the bar with a fun-filled day of chocolate engineering! Girls will be acting as Architects anEngineers as they design and construct a bridge made entirely out of chocolate. Through planning, organizing, designing, and creative problem-solving, teams will compete to build the most impressive, chocolate bridge.

In the Lab: Chocolate Science

Think like a scientist all while experiencing chocolate with all your senses ...Sight, Smell, Sound, Taste and Touch.

Chocolate offers up so many rewards. Engage all of your senses for a full chocolate experience. Enjoy how the chocolate feels in your mouth. Is it light and fleeting or like a heavy velvet that lingers? What’s the texture – thick and sandy or smooth and silky? Enhance the pleasure by taking the time to mindfully savor each bite. Relax and enjoy 
yourself. Let the flavors unfold.

Cooking with Chocolate

The girls will learn about the sweet side of chemistry while playing with their food by studying food science. In this class the girls will learn about the chemistry in chocolate making, certain properties of chocolate, different kinds of chocolate and their purpose. Using ingredients from your own kitchen girls will conduct 2 sweet experiments.

Chocolate Around the World

The Story of Chocolate
Discover the who, what, where, why and wow of Chocolate Tasting!
Learn the answers to these questions: where it’s from? What is it made of? Who depends on it? Why is it so irresistible? Leave an expert, knowing exactly how to identify and savor each piece!


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