The story behind Chocology Unlimited

Welcome to Chocology


Let's start with the basics. How do you pronounce the name, Chocology:   chaw-kaa-luh-jee 

It’s founder Linda Johnson doesn't mind how you say it, after all she's heard many variations since first launching the brand ten years ago.

The name "Chocology Unlimited" represents Linda’s passion, vision, and core values of the business, as well as the unlimited possibilities and potential that chocolate holds. It conveys that the business is not just about chocolate, but about the experience it creates.

Linda is passionate about the sensory experience of chocolate and believes that by mindfully tasting it, we can elevate our enjoyment and deepen our connection to the food we eat.


At Chocology, we strive to share this philosophy through our Art of Tasting Ritual.


Chocology is dedicated to creating an unforgettable experience for chocolate lovers from ages six to ninety-six, so everyone can indulge in chocolate.



—You'll also find artisan chocolates from Belgium, Italy, and Switzerland.

Classic with a twist, award-winning Fat Ass Fudge is always in the fridge. It's made with Belgian Chocolate, goat's milk, and fresh goat's butter; as LInda’s husband David says “It’s not boardwalk fudge". It's often sought after due to its appearance on Shark Tank. 

A Sweet Way to Give Back- with every purchase Chocology donates to one of three non-profits who tug on their heartstrings through their #ChocologyCares campaign.



Travel around the world with us, with 57 varieties of artisan chocolate bars that a range of percentages from 28% white chocolate to 100% dark chocolate.  There are also Single Origin options from Costa Rica and the Philippines, among others. 

When you purchase a chocolate at Chocology, you are purchasing an experience, not just a chocolate bar.

Whether it’s an evening with friends, brunch or a little moment of daily pleasure, any time is the right time to try new pairings with chocolate!

 photo Pairing Wall COMING SOON

The store has a unique wall with pairing suggestions, including Chocology suggestions and customer notes.. On weekends, the store hosts special pairings and tastings are always available. 

Chocology offers chocolate tasting experiences for private, public, and corporate events both on and off-site. They specialize in providing opportunities to explore the world of chocolate.


Discover The Perfect Team-Building Activity: Chocolate Bridge Building Workshop.



Elevate your team spirit with our customized Chocolate Bridge Building Workshop!

Team Building Benefits:

  • Creativity & Resourcefulness
  • Fun & Engaging Interaction
  • Innovation & Problem Solving
  • Building Relationships & Breaking boundaries
  • Uncovering talents and strengths to apply to operational activities

Engage: With each other to develop meaningful relationships.

Learn: Skills to help advance our professional careers.

Inspire: One another with our successes and capabilities.

Our clients say it best:     "Extraordinary, our group enjoyed this activity!  Linda has great energy.  Loved it!"  Maryann S.

We make chocolate personal and love to tailor workshops! Contact us with your event requirements.   Linda's email: 

We hope you had a great experience with us. If you enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed meeting you, please take a moment to write a review!