Nougatine Truffle Chocolate Cigar

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 The iconic Venchi cigar in a version with caramelized hazelnut: cocoa paste and PGI Piedmont Hazelnuts with caramel flakes, covered with a double layer of chocolate.  In spite of what you might think by looking at the label, these chocolate cigars do come from Italy… "Cuba" 


Nougatine truffle cigar filled with cocoa paste and gianduia, covered with a double layer of milk and dark 56% chocolate. The filling is enriched with caramel grains reminiscent of the crunchy texture of the Nougat caramelized hazelnut. The process of drawing chocolate cigars is carried out cold, to preserve the aroma. The cigar can be sliced and shared or eaten after a meal paired with a whisky. Great for a nice scrumptious gift idea!
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