Acts of Kindness

Chocology’s Act of Kindness Event

Act of Kindness

We want to express our gratitude to all of you who came out to pledge your act of kindness with us at Toasts Coffee House. For those of you that didn’t know, Chocology set out to our favorite Friday dinner spot (Toasts Coffee House) with boxes of Chocology chocolate in hand. Our mission was to offer our chocolates to all of the customers who were willing to pledge an act of kindness. The response from the customers in the restaurant that night was overwhelming.

Nineteen kindhearted and compassionate people pledged fabulous acts of kindness. We had an opportunity to spend some time with some of our participants and I must say we enjoyed the spirit of giving and compassion!

Interested in knowing what some of the participants pledged? Well, here you go.

  • I pledge to make breakfast in bed for my husband for 2-weeks.
  • This month I will be more tolerant with my students and remember that they have much going on in their lives.
  • 3 people pledged to buy a stranger lunch.
  • I pledge to hold all the doors for people coming and going!
  • I pledge to buy coffee for the person in line after me at Starbucks
  • I pledge to be kind to strangers, even those that don’t reciprocate.
  • I pledge to use my words to lift people’s spirits
  • I pledge to talk nicely to my mother for a week!
  • I pledge to help an elderly person.
  • I pledge to implement a random act of kindness to a stranger on my way to work Monday.

Chocolate certainly has the power to inspire kindness in people! Chocology was happy for the opportunity to be the spark for thoughtful and selfless acts into the world through our wonderful participants.

After our event was over, we received responses from many of our participants about the event and the kindness that they were inspired to spread. Here are a few of the quotes we received.

  • “Linda this has been a wonderful event, we hope you will come back and do it again anytime. . .you are most welcome.”
  • “It felt really good to be doing a good deed for someone and being a part of the Chocology Kindness event. I thought for a long while about what I wanted to do and then I decided to just be kind to everyone for a week.  I noticed that most everyone was kind back to me!  I think I’ll just make this a daily practice from now on.”
  • “ I gave my Chocology chocolates to a stranger after leaving the parking lot. I happened to see her helping an elderly person who was struggling to get into her car. When she was finished helping, I gave her my chocolates. I thought she truly deserved it for helping a stranger.” 

p.s.  “Then I went home and went to the Chocology Chocolates website to order a box of chocolate for myself.  I think I’ll really enjoy them, especially since I gave my first box away.”   

 It is fascinating to see how much kindness begets kindness! This was such a fun project for us that we are considering hosting these events again. It always feels good to share our chocolates in an effort to make the world a better place! Stay tuned. We just might host another Kindness event in your town!