Sweet Words about Chocology

I have tears...tears of joy, You've created the most beautiful wedding favors.  We can't thank you enough for making our wedding day so extra special.  You are a great chocolatier, but most of all, a great person.  Thank you again for all your work and your presence in our life.  - Simone and Mark


I'm writing to express my sincere appreciation with regards to your marvelous products.  I would like to thank you for such special moments and such exquisite products.  Gina T.

Thank you for going above and beyond in communicating with me--that's excellent customer service and rare and I really appreciate it.

I'm grateful you included the 4 hearts in the collection too.  Thank you.

- Jeremy

What lovely words to hear. Thanks Lauren!


...and we love to hear these words. All of us at Chocology make it a point to a make sure our customer service is as amazing as our products. Thanks for noticing, Julia.

This time of the year reminds us of why we do what we do. Making our customers and their families happy makes us happy.

"Dear Kate,
Jill and I just shared two of them. Not only are they beautiful, but they are absolutely delicious with very delicate flavors to match their appearance. Totally unnecessary, but awfully nice of you. And thanks, too, for the very special, handmade card.

You hit a home run with these folks.  
- Kate"


Hi Linda - just wanted to thank you for making the extra effort to get me the fudge. I so appreciate it and look forward to bringing it to my colleagues in Europe! Thanks also for the t-shirts and the DELICIOUS caramels - oohhh dangerous! I will be placing my Easter order today/tomorrow but that's not a rush delivery since I'll be away. It's a true pleasure doing business with you - I wish everyone operated with as much care.

Absolutely LOVE Chocology and Fat Ass Fudge, the fudge, the service --Linda YOU ROCK, thank you.  -Gabrielle

Thanks so much for your kinds words Diane Flynn Keith: "The real hit at Christmas were your chocolates! My grown sons and their friends couldn’t stop raving about them. They thought they were the BEST EVER."http://www.homefires.com/dk_bio.asp

To the nicest chocolate people ever. What a wonderful and inspiring idea to do the nice pledge.  ~Julie 

We arrived at the Dusty Attic to pickup an antique we bought only to meet you and tried your fudge. Mom fell in love with your fudge of which she bought two flavors and I was awarded with a box of your signature collection. We just tried your chocolates and must say we never tasted chocolate like that before!!! Decadent doesn't even describe it!! We're very glad to have met you both particularly before the holiday season so we can order your gourmet delectable treats as gifts and to enjoy ourselves. Looking forward to hearing from you with your new products in the future. HAPPY HOLIDAYS to you and your family!  ~Joseph

We just received your fudge, it tastes just like my Grandma used to make, thank you.  ~Jan

Your fantabulous fudge arrived on Thanksgiving morning by carrier messenger ... And it has totally changed my desire for chocolate!  I had almost forgotten how delicious - truly fresh and rich chocolate can be - I LOVE IT!!!  I LOVE YOUR CHOCOLATE!!!

I hoarded it for Thanksgiving but will buy more for Christmas to share with family members.

I can't get over how GOOD your chocolate tastes - every other chocolate maker's chocolate I have tried over the past ten years has been just awful - lots of sugar, no chocolate.  ~Ellie

The white fudge was incredible. Appearance and fragrance much better quality than other companies and it melted so deliciously "white" on my tongue.

Mucho Hugs Creative One.  ~Carol 

I received your magnificent chocolates. For a chocoholic like me they are really worth the price. They rest next to a box of the best caramels on the face of the earth, Velatis. My Thanksgiving guests are in for candy heaven.   Many thanks and happy holiday.  ~Jamie 

Dee-licious! I never expected to like the white chocolate fudge because I'm really not fond of white chocolate in other forms. I must say I was very surprised in the wonderful flavor, and actually like it a little more than the choco-peanut butter fudge. I'm definitely going to order some Fat Ass Fudge from your website.  ~Beda