With Enough Chocolate Anything is Possible

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Many of you know of the Chocology Cares campaign that we created earlier in the year. When you, our customer, buy Fat Ass Fudge, a portion of the proceeds goes towards helping one of our three chosen charities. Chocology is committed to giving back to the community and helping those in need. Caterina’s Club is one of those organizations.

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We are so pleased to announce that Chocology had the honor of presenting a $3,000 check to Chef Bruno of the Anaheim White House Restaurant in Anaheim, CA for Caterina's Club this past week. Chef Bruno’s “Welcome Home” program helps families climb out of poverty and into a proper home. Thanks to our loyal customers and one big donor, an Anaheim family will have a new and safe place to live!

The $3,000 is enough to help a family that has fallen on hard times pay the first and last month rent on an apartment. In many cases, these families have been living with their children in unsafe motel living conditions for quite some time.

In order for a family to qualify for the “Welcome Home” program, one guardian must be employed for at least six months and there must be at least two children living in the household. These requirements ensure that children are lifted out of unsafe living conditions and that the family will be able to maintain rent payments each month. One by one, Chef Bruno is literally giving families a new lease on life!

Having a home means that children have a kitchen, clean bathrooms, a bedroom and a safe outdoor environment to play in ~ something many of us take for granted. You can be a part of this wonderful movement simply by eating chocolate! With the holidays right around the corner, we at Chocology hope to sell enough fudge to help another family in Anaheim! Your order of Fat Ass Fudge truly makes a positive impact on the world!

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We truly thank YOU for helping Chocology make a difference in the world! Together, we can continue to change the lives of others for the better. . .

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~ The Chocology Team

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