Chocology Reads

Posted on April 14, 2015 by Linda Johnson | 1 Comment

We’re packing for our cross-country road trip coming up on April 17th. Can you guess what’s at the top of my suitcase list?

Books of course!

What’s a fun trip without books? I have four piled up and what do you suppose all four books have in common?

They’re all about chocolate, naturally . . .


Chocology Books

My reading list:

On the Chocolate Trail, by Rabbi Deborah R. Prinz

Raising the Bar, by Pam Williams

The Science of Good Cooking, Guy Crosby, Ph.D

Your Brain on Food, Gary L. Wenk

Will you be traveling with us in our virtual backseat? If so, what books will you bring? Tell us all about it on FacebookTwitter or Instagram. We’re looking forward to having you with us on this cross-country adventure! Let’s get packing . . .

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