Farm-to-Bean-to-Bar: A Journey of Taste and Impact

Nestled in the heart of Pennsylvania, Moka Origins is more than just a family business—it's a mission. With their own farm in Cameroon, the 4th largest producer of cacao in the world, they are dedicated to changing lives through the power of chocolate and coffee. Their farm serves as a resource and training center, empowering new farmers to start their own farms and cultivate high-quality cacao. This initiative not only helps farmers earn a sustainable livelihood but also ensures you enjoy better-tasting, ethically made products.

For every product sold, Moka plants a tree. These trees produce cacao, coffee, and other fruits, providing farmers with sustainable sources of income. As the trees are harvested, they purchase the coffee and cacao, while other fruits can be sold at local markets, offering farmers alternative income streams.

Jeff Abella, the co-founder, of Moka is driven by a passion for good coffee, ethical chocolate, family, and empowered communities. Since 2007, Jeff has been committed to humanitarian development initiatives across West Africa, North India, and Central Mexico. In 2015, he co-founded an impact-driven cacao and coffee farming project in Cameroon, which blossomed into Moka Origins.

With 165 million people relying on cacao or coffee for their livelihood, many of whom are not paid a living wage, Moka is dedicated to changing that narrative. Join us on this journey and savor the difference that ethical, sustainable practices make.