About Moka Origins

Farm-to Bean-to Bar  A family business based in Pennsylvania. Moka has their own farm in Cameroon.

Cameroon is the 4th largest producer of cacao in the world. Their farm serves as a resource and training center, helping new farmers start farms and grow better quality cacao. As a result, we/you help farmers earn a livelihood and you get better tasting, ethically made chocolate and coffee

For every product sold, Moka plants a tree. The cacao, coffee, and other fruit that these trees produce provide farmers with a sustainable source of income in Cameroon. As trees are harvested, they buy the coffee and cacao. Other fruits can be sold at local markets as an alternative source of income for farmers.

back story:

165 million people depend on cacao or coffee for their livelihood. Many aren’t paid a living wage and are stuck in poverty.

moka is out to change that