Day 3-Meeting "our" Chocolatier and Suppliers

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Meeting "our" Chocolatier and Suppliers Brussels, Belgium -This morning we toured OUR (I use the collective our) Chocolatier with a behind-the-scenes look at making the chocolate. The tour was exceptional and the chocolate mouth-watering. We learned all about the chocolate making process and of course, Madeline was impressed to be able to taste along the way! We had a quick lunch in the car and then onto the packaging company...which was also a great treat! We spent hours looking at all of the lovely packaging and dreaming of the future. It's not everyday one has this opportunity. We'll tell you all about this process once we get home to America and digest. My head is still spinning. We'll also add in photos (where we can) The only downside of the day is that we were unable to connect Madeline's laptop to the hotel wifi and she was very much looking forward to skyping with her friends from Belgium. Happy travels, Linda and Madeline p.s. we plan to close on the business tomorrow in honor of my fathers birthday!

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