Day 7 -Our First day London

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Screen Shot 2014-04-26 at 6.27.42 AM Our First day in London -First thing this morning I met with our web designer, Denise.  I’m so happy she’s going to stay on and work with us as well as take on the responsibility of the Chocology Unlimited site.  She’s so positive; she didn’t even flinch when I asked her to be sure the website looks good not only on a desktop but on the iPads and Smartphones as well… After a lovely breakfast, we were frustrated because we STILL couldn’t get Madeline’s wifi working.  The hotel staff as well as their tech department couldn’t get it working and then Madeline said “Ethernet Cable!” and all was well with the world.  Just a short taxi ride over to St John's Wood High Street we picked up a British phone and sent some chocolate home to some of Madeline’s friends.  Then we went immediately over to the Apple store on Regents Street.  As always, they were just as impressive as the other Apple stores and spent an hour explaining the differences between US and UK network access. Later we enjoyed a scrumptious dinner at Fortnum & Mason and were very happy to be able to read the menu.  Back in the hotel that evening, Madeline created a business flow chart of how our Chocology orders will flow.  It was very easy to understand.  Her diagrams, illustrations and logical sequence process was spot on!  I love the way she thinks! Happy Travels, Linda and Madeline p.s. Any questions?  Drop us a line at: or email me at

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