Chocology Unlimited ~ Spring Cleaning

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IMG_3383Time flies when you’re having fun! We at Chocology love the study of chocolate and enjoy the time we spend with you ~ our chocolate friends.

We’re nearing two years since the launch of Chocology Unlimited and we felt it was time to do some spring cleaning on our (online shop) website.   We LOVE spring cleaning.  It’s an opportunity to throw open the windows, let some fresh air in, and make our space clean, happy and efficient.

Our spring cleaning check list allows us to freshen up our website and get a head start on the hectic seasons of spring and summer.   Along with a new client testimonials section and an area where our Chocology Cares partners are showcased, you’ll find:

  • A place to write a note to a gift recipient
  • A place to write a review after your purchase
  • New products and offers
  • A MORE INFO tab

You’ll have to explore every corner to see what we have in store for you.  HINT:  we’re also updating some of our descriptions and writings, so be sure to check out the familiar tabs as well. Everything is getting a  thorough cleansing at Chocology Unlimited!

Little is more satisfying than an annual clean and we hope you enjoy exploring the alterations we’ve made.  Our main purpose for this  spring clean is: to create a space where you, our client, can learn about chocolate and place orders, effortlessly. Our mission is to make your chocolate experience at Chocology Unlimited flawless!

Please enjoy meandering around our new “shop”.   Have you've noticed our updated Chocology Today Cover Page?  As always, your suggestions are always welcome. Shoot us an email and tell us what you think at

We love social media too, so feel free to share the update with your friends and family on TwitterFacebook or Instagram.

Cheers to spring, a lifetime of fun, friends, family and chocolate! Thank YOU for being a part of the Chocology vision.

~ The Chocology Team

Chocolate Glossary

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chocolate glossary

We’ve learned so much about chocolate since embarking on our Chocology journey. Everything we learn, of course, enhances our chocolate products. But we also love sharing what we learn with you, our customers.

About a year and a half ago, we shared some terms we were learning about chocolate in our chocolatier course. Since then, we’ve learned a whole lot more.

We thought it fitting to pass that knowledge on to you! Ever heard the word “bloom” when referring to chocolate? How about “Couverture” or “Theobromine”? Read on to learn more about one of the world’s favorite foods. . .Chocolate!




Also called fat bloom—A dull, white film appearing on the surface of chocolate. This is either due to re-crystallised sugar, caused by excess humidity, or fat caused by temperature fluctuations. Neither of these have much affect on the taste.


Chocolate is the product that is made from the roasted seeds of cocoa pods. The seeds are ground and processed into either liquid or solid forms and then mixed with sugar, vanilla, lecithin and other flavorings to form ‘chocolate’.  Having been consumed in liquid form for thousands of years, it has only been eaten in solid forms since 1847.


Chocolate containing at least 32% cocoa butter. The high cocoa butter content can make the chocolate taste better in your mouth (more about that later) and produce a more satiny finish for a beautiful chocolate. Couverture comes from the French word couvrir - to coat or cover and is pronounced koo-vehr-TYOOR. Sometimes referred to as fondant chocolate.


The thin, hard covering of an enrobed bonbon.  This is the term used to describe the method of coating hand-formed or moulded interiors, with a thin coat of chocolate.


A smooth combination of chocolate and cream or butter, or both. Ganache has many uses, and forms the essential foundation for chocolate truffles, where it is combined with anything from liqueurs, nuts or fruits to spices or herbs.


A natural product derived from the soybean that acts as an emulsifier in the manufacture of chocolate.


A sweet paste made from a combination of finely ground almonds, sugar and egg whites. Marzipan can be flavored and is often colored to produce traditional ‘marzipan fruits’.


Contains at least 10% chocolate liquor. Other ingredients include sugar, lecithin, milk or cream powder, and spices such as vanilla


This is the first step in producing chocolate from cocoa beans. The heating process, typically around 30 minutes, develops the flavor and aroma of the cocoa beans before they are ground.


The clean crisp sound made when chocolate is broken. A clean ‘snap’ indicates a high cocoa content and a well tempered chocolate.


The scientific name for the cocoa tree. The tree that produces the cacao pod (cabosse) with its cocoa beans (seeds) inside.  A combination of the ancient Greek word ‘theobroma’ meaning ‘food of the gods’ and the old Aztec word ‘cacahuatl’ which the Spanish invaders called ‘cocoa’.


Theobromine, along with caffeine, is a stimulant and one of the many compounds that are found in chocolate.


We hope you learned something about chocolate this week! Be sure to check back with us next week to see what we have cooking up for Easter!

~ The Chocology Team

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Chocolate and Black Pepper Goat Cheese Truffles

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Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 2.32.47 PM 

Spring is on the horizon for many of us, so if you're like us and are planning a spring get together with family and friends, you might enjoy this simple 4-step recipe.

This recipe combines fresh goat cheese with dark chocolate to create beautiful little truffles that would make a great snack for a picnic or a fun appetizer at your spring parties. Plop these little delights on a cracker or shorbread for a not too sweet dessert. Our dark chocolate Fat Ass Fudge might be a great substitute for the dark chocolate in this recipe, as it is made with goat’s butter and goat’s milk.

We would like to thank for sharing this recipe on their website. It’s always fun to try new things ~ especially when they involve chocolate!

Bon Appétit!



  • 4 ounces dark chocolate, coarsely chopped
  • 4 ounces fresh goat cheese, at room temperature
  • 3 tablespoons granulated sugar
  • 1/2 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
  • 1/4 teaspoon coarsely crushed black peppercorns
  • 3 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder
  • Coarse sea salt


Step 1

Place about 2 inches of water in a small saucepan, and place chocolate in a heatproof bowl. Set the bowl over, but not touching, the simmering water to melt the chocolate. Once chocolate is melted, remove bowl from the pot and set aside to cool slightly.

Step 2

In a medium bowl, whisk together goat cheese, melted chocolate, sugar, vanilla, and peppercorns until fluffy and well incorporated. Cover the mixture in plastic wrap and refrigerate for 1 hour or until firm.

Step 3

Once firm, portion a heaping teaspoon of the goat cheese mixture into clean hands and roll into a ball. Coat the bottom half of the ball in cocoa powder, place on a cookie sheet, and top with a few flakes of coarse sea salt. Serve slightly chilled.

Step 4

Truffles will last, in an airtight container, in the refrigerator for up to 3 days.

Red at Chocology

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As you probably already know, Chocology is committed to all things chocolate. Our vision is RED ~ Relationships, Education and Distinctive quality. We feel that when we keep our focus on RED, everything flows, not only for Chocology but also for our clients and partners.



Relationships are first on our list for a reason. We feel that building strong and long-lasting relationships with our partners and clients is the number one key in helping everyone be a success! Chocology has had the opportunity to build some strong relationships over the course of the last couple of years and we are so thankful for that.

Our Chocology Cares Campaign is one that we are particularly proud of and are excited to continue to support.

For every order of Fat Ass Fudge, Chocology donates $1 to the charity of your choice. We will up that to $2 on orders over $50. Here are the charities that we are currently in partnership with. Be sure to choose one of these charities at check out so that every order of Fat Ass Fudge is making a difference in the world.

#Chocology Cares Partners



Back on My Feet is a non-profit creating independence and self-sufficiency within homeless populations in 11 cities nationwide by engaging them in running as a means to build confidence, strength and self-esteem.


Operation Freedom Paws

 Founded in January 2010, Operation Freedom Paws is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that matches dogs with individuals who have Post Traumatic Stress (PTS), Complex-Post Traumatic Stress (CPTS) and/or Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) symptoms, or other physical, neurological, psychological or mobility needs.


 Caterinas Club

 Caterina’s Club serves over 1,200 low-income children a nutritionally balanced meal of freshly made pasta and vegetables 365 days a year. Over 1 Million meals served and rapidly counting. In addition to feeding hungry children they’ve created the WELCOME HOME program, assisting families who are living week to week in the cramped quarters of a motel room, stay just one step ahead of homelessness.



 The expanded Stony Brook Children's Hospital will be housed in a new 10-level Hospital Pavilion adjacent to Stony Brook University Hospital. Your donations will go towards making this vision a reality. In addition, donations will be matched dollar for dollar by the Knap Swezey Foundation.


 We are committed to and love the study of chocolate – extending that love and knowledge to you in a new and exciting way is our mission. We do that through our blog post at Chocology TodayChocology Kids and through in person events and fundraisers. We are committed to life long learning and we think chocolate is a fun and exciting way to educate and have fun all at the same time.


Distinctive Quality

 We pride ourselves on personalizing every chocolate experience! We want to make fine quality chocolate available to everyone. Our mission is to provide an opportunity for all chocolate lovers to experience the delights of chocolate generally reserved for the connoisseur. Our chocolates and Fat Ass Fudge are made with the finest ingredients and hand packed to order. We’ll even include a personalized note when requested. Rest assured, each order - large or small - is handled with the utmost respect for quality and personalization. We love making it personal!


If you’re close by, we offer FREE delivery within 15 miles of Port Jefferson, NY. Give us a call at 631-901-7151 or email us at

If you order online, be sure to choose your Chocology Cares Charity at check out when ordering Fat Ass Fudge. It doesn’t cost you more and makes all the difference in other people’s lives.

Chocology ...About Us

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Often times I’m asked, “How did Chocology come about? What made you want to work in chocolate?”

I’d love to say, I’ve dreamed of becoming a chocolatier since I was a babe. I’m afraid my story is a bit more meandering than that, though.

While I loved working in the kitchen with my mom as a girl, the thought of working professionally with chocolate never crossed my mind. I was a late bloomer and marched to the beat of a different drum than most.  I was late by most standards to marriage; late to motherhood. But one thing that was always apparent was my desire to help people. To make them feel good about themselves and the world.  My joy was to bring a different perspective to those around me and to make the world a little brighter; A little sparklier; A little more fun.

When I started out in the corporate world, I rarely had a traditional position. My desire to help people must have been evident. My employers always knew I genuinely cared and would do the job well. I was the first Senior Customer Service Representative at Sprint and when I moved into sales, was the number one sales representative in revenue retention. I like to think that my success was attributed to my desire to bring great customer service to the table every single day.

After I married and had my daughter my job became being a full time mom. It’s the best job I’ve ever had! My quirkiness and ability to see different perspectives led me to homeschool Madeline, our Chief Creative Director here at Chocology. Bringing joy and fun into her life was now my dream and vocation.

My fathers passing in 2007 had a deeply profound affect on the way I see life and pushed me to look at life from a different perspective yet again. I realized that I had something in me that wanted to be born into the world. But what?

As much as I’d loved the corporate world, it didn’t align with my vision of being a homeschooling mom and I wasn’t willing to give that up.  So I began making lists of the things I loved doing, things that even if I never earned money from, were important to me and would give me a sense of making a difference in the world.

What surfaced for me over and over again were my love of family, travel and volunteer work. I was doing these things to some degree, of course, but my heart was yearning for more. Could I take these desires and maximize them to create the life that I was yearning for?

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 5.35.19 PM

In 2011, I packed Madeline up in the car and we traveled cross-country to meet and interview people who inspired us. We met authors, philanthropist, and others who had made a positive impact on our lives.  I still didn’t know what I wanted to do “when I grew up” but was open and willing for something to be revealed.


The road trips became a thing with Madeline and I. We took another one in 2013 to meet several of Madeline’s online friends across the country. And in 2014, it hit me. I love bringing joy to others. Madeline loves chocolate and so do I. Heck, doesn’t everyone? Let’s start a chocolate company!

screen-shot-2014-04-27-at-11-53-16-amThe rest is history I guess you could say. We boarded a plane immediately for Belgium in early 2014, to go study chocolate from the greatest. It was a great education for Madeline and a great bonding period for both of us. I became a professional chocolatier through classes with Ecole Chocolat and then launched Chocology in September 2014.


Screen Shot 2015-09-26 at 4.53.23 AM

Chocology is a blend of all of my past experiences. We value seeing things from different perspectives, promoting education, building strong and lasting relationships, extending kindness and giving back.  This way of doing business was built upon the past accumulation of all of the things that were most important to me. And Madeline has been right by my side the entire way. It is my pleasure to serve people through chocolate. Chocolate has a way of bringing the best out in everyone.


When I think about why I love what I do so much, it has nothing to do with the end result. It’s the people we meet along the way, who all have a story. As Madeline often says, “Mama, we meet the best people!” And she is right. We do.

Dreams don’t come true in a day. Sometimes not in a week or even years. My wish is that my story will inspire others to stay true to themselves and keep digging to find that one thing that lights them up. I sure did and am excited to be on this chocolate covered adventure with YOU!

A few mantras I have adopted to help me along the way. Perhaps they’ll become yours as well.

People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

I am paid in proportion to the amount of service I am to you.

When the student is ready, the teacher appears.

~ Linda Johnson, Managing Director of Chocology

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Chocology’s Valentine Collection

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We can hardly believe that Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. And Chocology is prepared with some of the most exquisite and elegant chocolates for our special customers. The Chocology Valentines Collection is here, just in time to celebrate that special someone on February 14.

Chocology chocolates are not your ordinary run-of-the-mill Valentine’s chocolates. Made with the finest ingredients, we never use artificial flavorings or added preservatives. Ingredients are carefully selected to create indulgent taste and texture combinations. Each artisan heart shaped chocolate is a miniature work of art, sure to please even the most distinguished chocolate connoisseur.

Won’t your husband or wife be delighted to receive a box of chocolates prepared especially for them? How about that special grandmother, daughter or friend? Everyone feels special when they receive a box of Chocology Chocolates. Our handmade Fat-Ass fudge offers a wonderful alternative to truffles, for those that prefer a more old fashion twist to their chocolate.

What better way to bring a smile to your loved one's faces than with gourmet chocolates? Pair it with a bottle of their favorite wine (or hot chocolate for the kids) and you have a gift that delights! Visit our website or read on to learn how you can order your special gifts for this special day.

The 2016 Chocology Valentine Collection

Choose from our 4, 12 or 24 piece boxes of chocolate delights. Each chocolate is hand selected and hand packed to your specifications. We’ll even enclose a hand written note upon request.


AMOUR E BACIO - Blended to perfection is this luscious passion fruit and amaretto combined inside a dark chocolate shell.

AgapiKaiFiliaAGAPI KAI FILIA - Rich harmonious blend of buttery caramel and cinnamon, in a milk chocolate shell.

AmouretBaiserAMOUR ET BAISER - Bubbly mix of white chocolate ganache, blended with raspberry and champagne wrapped in a dark chocolate shell.

Amor_y_BesosAMOR Y BESOS - Delectable blend of rum ganache, cinnamon, vanilla vodka and mascaponsa enrobed inside a milk chocolate shell.

Fudge TrioFat-Ass Fudge - Made with Belgian chocolate, goat's milk, goat's butter and love; also gluten free. Choose from flavors such as cappuccino or dark chocolate. Many other flavors available as well.

Order Schedule

All orders over $75 will receive free shipping to one destination. Order soon to ensure delivery before Valentine's Day.

Wednesday, February 3rd by noon EST (or until sold out); Shipped orders will be mailed USPS on Monday, February 8th.

Monday, February 8th by 2 pm EST (or until sold out); Last day for Express (UPS 2 Day) Shipping for delivery by Valentine's Day.

Tuesday, February 9th by 2 pm EST (or until sold out); Last day for Urgent (UPS 1 Day) Shipping for delivery by Valentine's Day.

Local Order Deadline - Wednesday, February 10 (or until sold out); available for pick up or delivery (within 10 miles of Port Jefferson) after Thursday February 11th.

If you’re in the Long Island area, be sure to join us for a pre-Valentine’s Day Romantic event at Lavender Fields. We’ll be pairing our Valentine’s collection with fine wines there on Friday February 5th from 4 - 6 p.m. as well as Friday, February 12 from 4- 6 p.m.

We look forward to serving you this Valentine season. Chocology wishes you and yours have a very special Valentines Day.

~ The Chocology Team

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Chocolate Shoes with Licorice Laces

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Chocolate Shoes 1

Recently, Chocology had the opportunity to sit down with Stephanie Sorkin, a children's book author, to talk about her book "Chocolate Shoes with Licorice Laces". Don't you just love the name?

We are proud to offer the book amongst our Chocology Display at Lavender Fields in Port Jefferson, New York. Copies can also be purchase at bookstores across the country as well as on Amazon.

We love the book so much, that we will be hosting a reading of the book at the kindergarten class that Madeline attended many years ago. Along with the book reading, we will be offering all types of chocolate fun and activities to the children there.

One of the things we love most about Stephanie is that she's all about giving back to the community. Read on to find out more about how you can help others with the purchase of "Chocolate Shoes with Licorice Laces".

A Chocolate Interview with author, Stephanie Sorkin

chocolate shoes

What inspired you to write "Chocolate Shoes with Licorice Laces"?

I was inspired to write “Chocolate Shoes” by my love of whimsical children’s literature. I love to think of silly things that could happen, and turn them into stories for children to enjoy. And what could be more fun than wearing chocolate shoes?

Where do you come up with your ideas?

I come up with my ideas 24 hours a day, in various ways. For example, when I came up with the idea for my book, “Nutley, the Nut-free Squirrel” it started as a bedtime story for my daughter. My kids loved it and I just knew that it would be a hit with children everywhere! I came up with the idea for “Frenemy Jane, the Sometimes Friend” based on a true story and real events. I have a number of other storylines that I’m currently working on with ideas that I got from observations in the classroom, along with silly add- ons to make the stories funny.

How did you get started as a writer?

I’d like to say that I got started as a writer the minute that I learned to write. I loved to put my thoughts on paper and rhyme at a very early age. I take great pleasure in bringing a book that I made as a child to my present day school visits. It’s a story about a frog that felt different from the other frogs. It’s held together by ribbon and my mom drew the pictures! I love that it inspires the kids to follow their dreams when they see that I started as a child. My start professionally came with my book “Nutley”. I was so anxious to share my story with the world that I sat at the computer and simply googled “SELF PUBLISHING”. I researched a few companies and ultimately got incredibly lucky when I chose the publisher Mascot Books. They delivered a high quality book that has held its own in a very competitive market.

Tell us 3 crazy things about yourself!

Hmmmm.....only 3 things?
1) I worked for the NBA. I love basketball as much as I love to write. Aside from being a      children’s book author, it was my dream job.
2) I’m very superstitious
3) I want to keep every greeting card that I ever receive. 

Favorite Quotes

I LOVE quotes! I post one almost every day on my Twitter account (@stephsorkin)
I have so many favorites, it’s hard to narrow it down!!!

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have. “ ~Maya Angelou

“Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. Time will pass anyway.” ~Earl Nightingale

“The man on top of the mountain didn’t fall there.” ~Vince Lombardi

“No one has ever become poor by giving.” ~Anne Frank

“I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.” ~Thomas Jefferson

Best and Worst part of being a writer

The best part of being it writer is having a place to channel my creativity. To take my ideas and share them for others is very gratifying. To think that children get to read my books over and over just for fun is incredible. My favorite part of my job is visiting schools to discuss the writing process and the importance of creativity.

The worst part of being a writer is that many of my friends and family don’t think that I work! As my job is not your typical 9-5 office job, it’s difficult to explain my day to day schedule, as it varies. I do wish that I only worked 8 hours a day! Working from home is not easy, as there are multiple distractions. I have to stay very focused to get everything done!

My Madeline is in the middle of writing her first novel. What advice do you have for aspiring writers?

My advice to your daughter is in a quote from Diane Sawyer. “Whatever you want in life, other people are going to want it too. Believe in yourself enough to accept the idea that you have an equal right to it.” I couldn’t have said it better myself and find this to be so motivational for young people looking to enter any competitive field, especially writing. I remember standing in the children’s book section of Barnes and Noble, completely overwhelmed. It was just weeks before my book Nutley was being published. I wondered how I would sell any books with all of the competition out there. The truth is, if you have a great product, believe in yourself and work hard, you will have no choice but to be successful.

I’d also tell your daughter that writing the book is the easy part. She can pursue mainstream publishing but we now live in an age where self-publishing and self- promotion are no longer frowned upon. She should know that there are many unconventional, yet effective ways to do both.

You donate a portion of the proceeds made from the book. How and why did you choose this organization?

I love to give back to charities that support children so choosing “Soles4Souls” was easy. With my book being about Chocolate Shoes, choosing a charity in which shoes are distributed to those in need seemed like the perfect match. I’m honored to be a part of their mission.


Do you like chocolate?

I absolutely LOVE Chocolate!! I would eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner if I could! I love to go to chocolate stores and buy gourmet chocolate in all shapes and sizes, but you could also find me in CVS buying Hershey kisses!

Where can we buy your books?

My books are sold in bookstores, toy stores and children’s boutiques but the quickest way to find them is online on or

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