Customer Service, Real Estate and Chocolate?

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Special thank you to our client Terri Palmer for sharing her one of her favorite customer service tips and her Chocology story in this great blog post.  Terri is a Real Estate Agent in the Dallas, Texas area.

Being a real estate agent.  People often say to me, "So you are in Sales?  I say,  "No.  I am in the Service Industry!"

There is so much more to real estate than a closing table.  All agents are required to stay abreast of legal and ethics issues ñ contract law and such.  The fresh-out-of-college agents, has also brought the real estate market into a more techno-savvy industry but also it has brought a plethora of competition.

So how to differentiate from others?  Service!  How you service the client and their experience is what will truly be remembered. My goal is to not only secure their dream home but also to make the whole experience a warm, exciting memory.

One differentiator is the last memento to the home buying experience - the closing gift. Home buying enlightens all the senses with new discoveries, a warmth and new start to life!  To enhance this experience I always send a box of artesian chocolates from Chocology Unlimited.

Chocology Chocolates are a gift within a gift!  You know like receiving a blue or red box (Tiffany or Red Envelope); you get excited before you even open the box!  The same can be said for Chocology Chocolates as they are beautifully packaged. I personalize my Chocology box with either a picture of my new homeowners or a picture of the home as the top liner to this enticing  "box." But the picture does not get viewed for long before the smells of the box just envelop you!


A warm and tasty memory to an exciting new chapter in your client's life!  It's all about the service.

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 7.09.27 AM

Terri Palmer (An always pleased Chocology client)

Ebby Halliday Realtor:  Plano, Texas

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Pssst… Want to Hear a Chocolate Covered Secret?

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Top Secret

Madeline and I love working together in the Chocology Test Kitchen. A little of this and a little of that (that’s how my mom taught me) and voila! New flavors emerge.

Recently, we decided to add mint to our famous, award winning Fat Ass Fudge. After tinkering with it for a bit, we decided to take it to the people. We packaged and loaded it up and handed out lots of samples at the Port Jefferson Winter Farmers Market.

After 3-weeks of customer input... Whoa, what a success! The response was overwhelming. And since we are all about the customer, we will be adding Fat Ass Fudge Chocolate Mint flavor to our product line. (a hint of chocolate at the end) We just love it when our tinkering in the kitchen delights and pleases our customers. Our mission is to continue working with our customers to bring new flavors that please the palate and delight young and old alike.

Mint Fudge

In addition, we have developed another fudge flavor that will compliment the summer months that are soon to be upon us. Our cHarissa (23 Moroccan spices) fudge is spicy and chocolaty, the cHarissa blends into our chocolate and is all wrapped into one awesome fudge delight. Chocolate with a kick at the end, just enough kick to keep you going back for more.

cHarissa Spice, is a wildly popular spicy condiment developed by a local Long Islander, in honor of his late wife. We started out last summer by pairing this spice with our patrons at the Farmer’s Market. When we took it to the test kitchen and added it to the fudge, we came up with a most pleasing spicy taste that everyone loved.


We are super excited to unveil these two new flavors on our website. We’d love to hear your feedback. Which do you like best? Chocolate minty fudge or cHarissa spiced fudge? We look forward to having you try these new flavors and are excited to continue our work in the test kitchen to develop new and unusual flavor combinations that suit a variety of tastes and preferences.

Here’s to tinkering, chocolate and inventing new flavors!

~The Chocology Team

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Wedding Favors that Give Back

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Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 10.05.33 AM

Ah. . . Weddings. Everyone loves them. We at Chocology appreciate the thought that goes into planning this once in a lifetime special day. From choosing the dress to developing the menu, we understand that everything should be perfect on your wedding day. Chocology is honored to say that we’ve helped countless couples do just that.

Imagine this. Your guest arrives in anticipation of your celebration. They are honored to bear witness to one of the most significant days of your life. As the celebration ensues, he or she is presented with a gift from you. A gift that not only will please the palette but that also gives back to the community. Your attention to detail and your desire to use your celebration to help others is touching. They remember why they love you so much.

Chocology’s Fat Ass Fudge will not only delight each of your guests with it’s comical name and decadent, mouthwatering flavor, it will also charm your guests with sentimentality.


Our unique fudge is made with goat’s milk and butter, fine Belgian chocolate and our secret ingredient: LOVE. With flavors like Dark Chocolate Mink, Soft Caramel Fudge, S’mores and more, there’s a flavor to match all discerning palettes. Our fudge favors are not only tasty but socially conscious as well.

With each order of Fat Ass Fudge you will choose a 501 C3 charity of your choice. Chocology will donate a portion of the proceeds from your order to honor the charity that touches your heart. Have you worked together as a couple for a special organization? Why not honor them at your wedding with wedding favors that give back.

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 10.14.05 AM

Perhaps you want to pay homage to a grandmother or special family member? Has an organization helped them in some way? Chocology would love to give back to those organizations, in your name. What a sweet way to give back!

Don’t forget to let your guests know that their special wedding favor is far reaching and keeps on giving. As they delight in the taste of our Fat Ass Fudge they’ll know that someone, somewhere is benefiting from every bite.

These fudgy favors are not just for weddings either. Consider them for gifts at the holidays, corporate meetings, birthday parties and more. For every order of Fat Ass Fudge, you have the opportunity to give back. Choose your own charity or choose one that Chocology supports in our Chocology Cares Campaign.

Let’s change the world one bite at a time. We are honored to serve you on your special day. Let’s serve the world together.


~ The Chocology Team














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A Fun Fudgy Challenge

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We often write about all of the interesting people that we get to meet as we go about our Chocology business and little Alexa was no exception.

We met Beth and her daughter Alexa at the Port Jefferson Winter Market last month. What a joy it was to connect with them. When Alexa told us of a gum challenge she had done recently, we decided to enlist her help with a Fat Ass Fudge challenge as well.

Seven-year-old Alexa took home five different flavors of our Fat Ass fudge. She decided that she would recruit a couple of friends and have a fudge tasting party. Everyone was blindfolded and then tasted each of the five flavors – Mint, peanut butter, Key Lime Pie, Caramel and White Chocolate.

The first challenge was to determine which flavor was the best. Alexa found that the mint fudge was her favorite. Her friend Amy’s favorite was Key Lime Pie and her sister’s was the peanut butter.

Next, they wanted to determine which flavor was the sweetest. Alexa and her sister felt that the caramel was the sweetest. Her friend Amy was sure that the white chocolate was the sweetest of all of the flavors that they tried.

We appreciate Alexa taking the time to evaluate our Fat Ass Fudge and provide us with her results. See below to find her conclusions, written in her own words.

Do you have kids that would like to take the FAF Challenge? Email us or leave a comment and we’ll get back with you on how your kids can take part in this fun (and tasty!) activity.

And of course, check our website often. We are always experimenting with new Fat Ass Fudge flavors!

Alexa’s FAF Challenge Findings

Thank you for giving us this project.

You gave us 5 different kinds of fudge and we did a great project with it.

What we did was we put a blindfold on without knowing which type of fudge we were eating.

The 5 fudge flavors were mint, peanut butter chocolate, key lime pie and white chocolate.

Here are our resutls: My favorite was the mint, my friend Amy’s favorite was key lime pie and my sisters favorite was the peanut butter.

The sweetest for me was the caramel. My sisters was caramel and my friend Amy was white chocolate.

Thank you,



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Easter Extravaganza

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Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 1.31.11 PM

Whew! What a weekend it was for Chocology. From coast to coast, everyone on the Chocology team had lots of chocolaty hands in some awesome Easter goodness.

First off, Madeline, our Chief Creative Officer (and Linda’s daughter), dressed as the Easter bunny, made an appearance at Atria, the senior living community in Port Jefferson, New York. With a wide smile and big floppy ears, our Easter Bunny delivered hugs and Chocology goodies to all of our senior friends and their families. The smiles were contagious! Young and old alike made memories they will cherish for years. We were so excited to be a part of the Easter celebrations at Atria this year!

Easter Bunny with kidsEaster Bunny with two seniors 1Easter Bunny with lady seniorEaster Bunny with nurse seniorEaster Bunny with SeniorsEaster Bunny with kidEaster Bunny


Then, across the country on the West Coast, our team in California was honored to participate with our charity partner, Operation Freedom Paws, on their community annual Easter Egg Hunt.  The entire community showed up, including their veterans, their families and of course their service dogs.


Goodie BagscdMary in CA 1Mary in CAMary with Vet


Operation Freedom Paws supplied plastic eggs filled with goodies and the kids set off on their Easter egg hunt extravaganza. All veterans were gifted a copy of Mannheim Steamroller’s cd entitled, “Spirit of America.” And of course, all of the service dogs were rewarded with doggie treats contributed by yours truly. The kids, veterans and dogs supplied the smiles, fun and laughter – the most important ingredient for a successful event!


Doggie VeteranVet with eB


A big THANK YOU to everyone who made these events possible this weekend. We are honored to work with such great people!

A special thanks goes out to our team of volunteers in San Francisco who radiate the Chocology spirit and personality and who made each and every attendee feel special.

We also want to extend our gratitude to Manheim Steamroller for donating the cd’s to all of the service men and women who have made great sacrifices to make this country great!

Manheim CDWe appreciate all of the photos that were sent in as well. If you have photos from any of the past weekend Chocology events, please send them over to We can ALWAYS use more photos.

We hope you all had a happy and healthy Easter as well!


~The Chocology Team










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#ChocologyCares ~ Easter

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Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 8.44.01 AM

Do you remember the Chocology Gives Back Road Trip that we took almost a year ago? We sure do! From April 17 to May 15, 2015, Madeline and I drove coast to coast with a focus on giving back to the community. We had so much fun and met so many wonderful people along the way.


When Madeline and I got the opportunity during our trip to tour the Mannheim Steamroller studios and meet Chip Davis, the genius behind this musical wonder, we jumped on it! Seeing Mannheim Steamroller in concert has been a Christmas tradition with the Johnson family for many years and meeting Chip was a dream come true for us. Their inspiring music along with their “give back” mentality attracted us right away, so we weren’t going to pass on this opportunity! Not to mention, we had to ask about the origins of their song “Chocolate Fudge” played on their album entitled, Fresh Aire.

The studio was magnificent! It felt like home as soon as we walked in. The atmosphere was friendly and respectful and it felt as though everyone we met was genuinely glad to see us. It didn’t take us long to realize that the team behind the scenes works in just as much harmony as the band. All of the staff, from the receptionist to Chip Davis himself, was a delight and we enjoyed our visit very much!

In our interview with Chip, we learned that he is passionate about helping military service people and veterans. He believes that much like life, music is a gift, and he has truly given the gift of music to our service men, women and veterans. In the “A Million Reasons to Be Thankful” campaign, Mannheim Steamroller gave away 1 million Christmas CD’s to U.S. Troops domestically and in foreign countries! Now that is what we call giving back!

And. . . we found out that the song “Chocolate Fudge” follows “Prelude” on the Fresh Aire album. “Prelude” starts out gentle and classical. After the first few notes of “Chocolate Fudge” however, things start to pick up and the music is transformed into the musical wonder that is Mannheim Steamroller. We love that Chip chose the name “Chocolate Fudge” to signal the beginning of the transition from classical to modern.

Since Mannheim Steamroller and Chocology both agree that giving back to our communities is where it’s at, we were so excited to get an opportunity to collaborate with them for the Easter egg hunt hosted by Operation Freedom Paws this weekend. Operation Freedom Paws, if you remember, is one of Chocology’s #Chocologycares organizations.  Operation Freedom Paws empowers veterans and others with disabilities to live a quality life by teaching them to train their own dogs, and certifying them as service dog teams.

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 8.40.14 AM

Chocology will be donating a huge Easter basket for the event. We will also be represented there with Fat Ass fudge samples for everyone and doggie treats for our furry friends. Mannheim Steamroller is teaming up with us to donate 90 of their American Spirit CD’s to the veterans at Operation Freedom Paws. It’s so exciting to have the chance to work with Mannheim Steamroller for this event. We are truly grateful to have such wonderful partners on this chocolate journey!

We hope that you and yours have a wonderful Easter holiday this weekend ~ filled with fun, family, friends and chocolate, of course!

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Chocoholics Unite ~ National Chocolate-Caramel Day

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Do you know the significance of March 19th? It’s National Chocolate-Caramel Day and you can bet we’ll be celebrating at Chocology.

Who doesn’t love the ooey, gooey merging of chocolate and caramel? It’s a tried and true combination and certainly deserves recognition in a big way. No wonder it has it’s own national holiday!


At Chocology, we recognize that chocolate and caramel deserve a special place in our line of gourmet chocolate treats. Have you tried our sweet and rich caramel fudge?  Our Milk Chocolate Caramel goat's milk fudge is one of our most popular flavors. Goat's milk and goat's butter fudge is extra creamy and melts like a chocolate dream in your mouth.  And don’t forget our artisan milk chocolate ganache truffles. No matter how you slice it, there’s no denying that chocolate and caramel make great companions.

Caramel-Swirl-Fudge_grandeScreen Shot 2016-03-14 at 2.01.24 PM

We want to celebrate with you! For every order placed this week, we’ll send along a complimentary treat sized sampler of our caramel fudge. What better way to celebrate than to share with you, our valued customers?

We hope you are enjoying the updated website and blog. To stay up to date on all things chocolate don’t forget to follow us on TwitterInstagram or Facebook. Be sure to subscribe to our blog to get Chocology Today delivered right to your inbox.

What is your favorite chocolate holiday? We’d love to know your preference! Let’s stay in touch!

~ The Chocology Team

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