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Posted on April 25, 2017 by Linda Johnson | 2 Comments

You all know our Fat-Ass Fudge logo and team member: this adorable happy Donkey with a big butt. He or she still needs a name though, so we’re putting a call out to the public to help us out.  We want to make this fun, so we’ll award a scrumptious prize for the lucky winner.  All you have to do is choose the perfect name!

About our Donkey:

Employee #004 of Chocology/Fat Ass Fudge.

Job title:  Mascot

What s/he says when people ask him or her what s/he does for a living: “I work at a chocolate company where I hang out and people put tails on my butt.”

Likes:  "I love to travel, be with my family and do volunteer work.

Hidden Talent:  I can make people smile!

Entries can be submitted:

  • In the comments box below, or
  • Facebook or Twitter @Chocology, or
  • Instagram @Chocology_Unlimited
  • OR e-mailing us Linda@ChocologyUnlimited.

Closing date for the entries is May 7th.  The winner will be announced on May 9th.  The person who submits the winning name will win a fresh Sampler (value $50.00) of our mouth watering Fat-Ass Fudge!

Let’s keep it friendly, any name using inappropriate words will be disqualified as will trademarked names.

Here are some interesting facts you may not have known about us:

  • Our mouth watering fudge is made with Goats Milk and Butter
  • We use Belgian Chocolate
  • Fat Ass Fudge was on Shark Tank
  • FatAssFudge is produced on Long Island
  • Here’s one more…Our award winning Fat Ass Fudge is decadent and yes, slightly comical but it also allows us to support great causes.  Our goal at Chocology is not only to offer chocolate made with the finest ingredients but to strengthen our community by “giving back”.    Your purchase makes it possible…we donate $1.00 from every fudge order to one of the non-profit organizations we support.

So choose a name that suits it's personality.  Good Luck!   #NameOurFatAss

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Alexander Crivelli
Alexander Crivelli

June 20, 2017

Simply name the Donkey Jack. It would sound like this, Jack the “Fat Ass Fudge” Donkey. It is a simple play on the name Jack Ass aka a Donkey. I hope this helps.



May 07, 2017

Betsy or Nellie

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